The Ukulele Orchestra is an original, popular musical ensemble, based in Milan, place for meeting and exchange for young people and adults, amateurs and professionals. The orchestra features ukuleles of various sizes and registers, banjolele, bass guitar, mandolin, guitar and small percussion instruments, accompanied by the voices of the performers. We cross genres, countries and musical history to welcome, listen, embrace and exchange different musical cultures and skills, becoming a real musical community.


  • The arrangements of the songs, combinations of voices and colors, are all original, taking into account the various musical levels within the orchestral team.

  • the Lele Orchestra will focus on these three great Italian pillars, precisely to remind the world how much genius and beauty this country has produced!

  • pop songs by performers and authors of yesterday and today, revisited in a ukulele-proof style, sometimes playful and witty, other times intense and melancholic.